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Nine priorities for government action to ensure short- term responses to the coronavirus crisis create resilient green foundations for a better future The Coronavirus crisis has changed everything. It has reminded us who and what really matters in our lives. It has laid bare the profound weaknesses of an economy which has systematically eroded our […]

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Speeding Drivers Risk Lives

After hearing concerns from many local people about thes speed of traffic in the area, the Trinity Greens team decided to see just how bad the situation is. Equipped with a fully functional Speed Gun and some “20 Is Plenty” signs, they monitored speeds on several reported hotspots and recorded the speeds of vehicles that […]

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Undemocratic Power Grab at Burnley Council

Labour, Lib Dems and Tories work together to block democracy Under the pretence of a “clarification” to Burnley Council’s constitution, an undemocratic power grab is underway…. Burnley council has a “Cabinet” model of making decisions. This means that one leader is selected by a vote of all of the elected Councillors and then that Leader […]

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Burnley Green’s Climate Emergey Motion Passes

Tonight, signals a new dawn for Burnley Council; a Climate Emergency has been declared. Green Party Councillor Andy Fewings, who proposed the motion, said “Having Greens in the room changes the dynamic of the debate. I am proud to have brought this motion to the council chamber and am delighted that, even though there are […]

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Burnley Greens express disappointment at Labour’s failure to join cooperative alliance to run council

Cllr Andy Fewings, leader of the Greens on Burnley Council, has expressed disappointment that the Labour Party has declined a proposal for a shared executive of three Labour and three non-Labour councillors. This proposal included a plan to have the four committee chair and vice-chair positions split across the other parties.  Greens would not have […]

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